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Fabric stain resistant tablecloth

Fabric stain resistant tablecloth

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Add a touch of elegance and shine to your festive table with our stain resistant tablecloths, perfect for both smaller and regular-sized tables.

  • Crafted for easy maintenance, our tablecloths are made from wrinkle, and stain-resistant polyester fiber
  • Featuring exquisitely designed edges
  • Select from a stunning array of eight colors to complement your festive theme: white, cream, royal blue, navy blue, red, wine red, coffee, and dark green. Discover the perfect table coverings for romantic evenings, joyful family gatherings, and important anniversaries
  • The shape of stain resistant tablecloth is square or rectangle. The size starts from 55 x 55 inches providing options for different table dimensions

Explore our stain-resistant tablecloths in a range of colors and sizes. Order now for a stunning and festive table setting!

The estimated shipping time is 2-3 weeks.

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