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Brightly colored silicone liners for muffins

Brightly colored silicone liners for muffins

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Add even more joy to the act of baking with our multicolored, convenient silicone liners for muffins!

  • Enjoy non-stick baking: effortlessly remove the pastries without breaking them apart
  • Silicone keeps it shape in the oven better than paper liners, providing a more uniform shape for your cupcakes
  • Reusable silicone baking cups are easy to clean and can be used over and over again, reducing waste in your kitchen
  • Use them for other baked goods like mini quiches or individual cheesecakes. Mold chocolate or freeze portions of homemade ice cream or frozen yoghurt
  • Perfect for dividing lunch box into sections or as snack cups
  • These brightly colored cupcake liners come in a set of 12, featuring 2 liners of each color
  • Size of the mold is 3.5 x 2.3 x 1.7 inches

Order now and keep baking with ease!

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