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Pancake batter dispenser

Pancake batter dispenser

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Are you frustrated by the mess that cupcake baking and pancake frying creates? With our Pancake batter dispenser, you can avoid dough spilling all over your kitchen counter, baking pan, and hands. 

Easily fill the dispenser through its large opening. Then, press the handle and use the lever to open the hole easily, allowing the dough to flow out quickly from below. Say goodbye to overflowing dough and enjoy easier and more enjoyable dessert and breakfast baking.

The 3.75 cup / 900 ml transparent chamber and clear scale allow you to easily see the remaining capacity of the dough.

Made from safe, reliable, and durable high-quality food-grade ABS plastic.

Batter dispenser size: 7.09 x 4.33 inches / 18 x 11 cm.

Order our convenient batter dispenser for easier and cleaner preperation of goodies!

The estimated shipping time is 3-5 days.

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